BOARD 스타인웨이 피아노 도난신고!!!!
2010-02-16 12:40:40
hurws <> 조회수 3053


제목보고 놀라셨죠?

스타인웨이사에서 메일이 왔는데, 피아노 2대를 도난당했으니,

혹시 판매의뢰가 오면 속지마시고 본사로 신고해달라는군요.

피아노 번호는 D 모델 575 428 이고, B 모델 576 848 입니다.

혹시 여러분께 누가 스타인웨이 피아노를 싸게 판다고 접근해오시면 번호를 꼭 확인하시기 바랍니다.

장물취득이면 나중에 어떻게 되는 거~~~죠?

다음은 원문 내용입니다.



Dear Steinway Artists,

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please allow us to draw your attention to this case:

On January 31st, two Steinway Concert and Artist pianos were stolen from a concert venue in St. Albans, UK .

The pianos are:

- Hamburg Steinway Model D-274

Ser. No. 575,428,

- Hamburg Steinway Model B-211

Ser. No. 576,848. 

The theft of these pianos was reported to the police and investigations are going on. It is possible that they will

be offered for sale as second hand instruments sooner or later or may be found in a venue or school.

It is our desire to protect you from unknowingly getting involved in this serious matter.

In the event that you are approached to purchase or recommend any instruments that bear either these numbers

or are missing serial numbers, we would be glad if you reported to our Hamburg office:


With many thanks and best regards,

Yours sincerely,

Gerrit Glaner Peter Goodrich

Steinway& Sons, Hamburg Steinway & Sons, New York